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Planning your wedding decoration is one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning. Our wedding decoration services include Stage Decoration & Design, Venue Décor & Design, and Entry Gate Decoration.

You Imagine It, We Decorate It!!

In order to add a new life to your wedding decoration, we add an elegant yet simple look to every aspect of your wedding, be it entry gate, reception tables, venue décor, or stage.

Wedding is simply an event for lifetime, when it comes to couples. Every couple wants their wedding ceremony to be extravagant and special. They want to rejoice each and every part of the function so it will last in memories forever.

Shaki Event is a dedicated wedding planner in Jabalpur to give an ultimate wedding experience to you and your guests by decorating every part of your venue according to the theme of your wedding.

Stage Decoration

Stage Decoration & Design consists of several elements, including oriental flowers, traditional flowers, props and standees, drapes, curtains, decorative stones, crystals, mirrors, and various soft elements that can make your wedding stage come alive. We customize each wedding stage according to the opinions and tastes of couples in the design. According to your color choices and budget, we can customize wedding stage decoration.

Our designing team takes care of flow, movement, and lighting. Beforehand, we create a 3D model of the whole venue as rough idea of how your wedding stage would look on your special day.

Entry Gate Decoration

An entry gate to any party, wedding or event should add lasting first impression on guests. Hence, we specialize in adding unique effects to your entry gate that can surely make the heads of your guests turn. For doing this, our specialists create arches, floral sculptures, welcome banners, statues, and what not.


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