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Conceptualizing a Theme

Theme weddings have become an emerging trend for couples who are planning out their wedding. But most of the couples have different questions in their minds about theme wedding and how to plan and execute one. Theme weddings are both fun and interesting for the family, guests, and friends. It needs creative thinking which can be possible only with a wedding planner.

Theme weddings are trending these days and more people enjoying them with different options. If your budget is too tight, you can pick themes accordingly, which don’t need a lot of detailing.

At Shakti Event, we design fresh concepts all the time. We mould the designs according to our clients’ desires. We understand that the taste of couples varies. For example, if you are an Indian but want theme from different culture, we may suggest you to try Persian. If you want a cultural twist, we may suggest the combination of ironic Western concept with an essence of “Mehndi Couture”.

We May Conceptualize a Theme in 3 Simple Steps –

  • Research – Get inspiration from social media sites, Movies, and anything artistic, and anything that sparks your interest.
  • Envision – Visualize the look and feel of an ideal wedding theme.
  • Conceptualize – Choose a theme and work on the elements, according to your budget.
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