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Ambient Lighting & Effects

With the use of Ambient Lighting, we can transform virtually any wedding venue and add a wow effect for your guests that will be in their minds for years to come. Today, wedding planning is not all about catering, flowers, picking a venue, and entertainment.

Now, it goes without wrong to say ambient lighting and effects should be added to your checklist when it comes to wedding planning.  Over the years, wedding planning has been evolved and become bigger than ever, and so the mood lighting effects. Weddings are much like an event these days, with great focus on food and entertainment. Every couple wants to make their wedding day as special as possible to make their celebration to be fabulous, in terms of look and feel. We understand you also want something edgy, personal, and unique in your special day.

So, we brought three most innovative forms of lighting effects for weddings –

  • Monograms – These lights can be projected behind the dance floor or top table. They are also on trend these days. They are one of the most personal, simple, and effective touches to add to your event. You may use them for various purposes.
  • Uplighting – They are another popular lighting option that can definitely make your event stand out. In this effect, the colors change throughout the event to show different stages, such as dinner, speeches, reception drinks, and dancing.
  • Wireless LED Lighting – These days, you will no longer see the annoying black boxes that look unusual. For ambient space lighting, we use wireless LED Lighting that comes with all-white fixtures to blend in with all environments – making it ideal for venues with no or limited power access.

We ensure wedding lighting to match up with your wedding theme with warm shades to differentiate your event.

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